Deluxe Microdermabrasion (1hr) $125


ClairDerm microdermabrasion, sometimes called the “lunch time peel” is a non-invasive, gentle process of using crystals accelerated onto the skin’s surface to abrade layers of dead and damaged skin cells. On completion of the process, a vacuum suction whisks away the fired crystals and the unwanted abraded skin particles, application of soothing ampoule , vitamin enriched facial mask, hydrator and finishing with 20% zinc oxide sun protection. This will leave your skin firm smoother, brighter and (with a course of procedures) blemish free. (We do extractions if required).

We focus on safety, hygiene, comfort and flexibility of procedure. Unlike conventional microdermabrasion, ClairDerm allows your therapist to offer you either a very gentle or more powerful microdermabrasion procedure.

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Photonlite LED Therapy (30min) $50 


What is Photon LED Therapy (LLLT)

Hailed by doctors, researchers and beauty specialists around the world, Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is a stunning scientific breakthrough that harnesses the natural healing power of light by using the latest in LED technology.

Put simply, it is the groundbreaking synthesis of Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT) and Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) both of which are widely recognized and well-documented methods of safe and effective photo-biostimulation. This innovative and non-evasive combination allows Light Therapy to offer dramatic age-defying results at a fraction of the cost of traditional invasive procedures.

Light Therapy effects tissue at a cellular level using the healing power of low-level LED light to promote the production of critical naturally occurring compounds in human tissue.

Specifically Light Therapy:
* Stimulates the release of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Increases in ATP (cell energy) allow cells to readily accept nutrients and expel waste products faster.

* Stimulates the production of collagen, the essential protein used to repair and replaced old and damaged skin tissue. Increased collagen levels also decrease scar tissue and increases the skin’s elasticity.

* Increases vascularity (circulation) by promoting the formation of new blood capillaries. Thereby providing additional oxygen and nutrients for your skin cells.

The enhancements are accomplished without pain, and with no negative side effects. This technique is also non-ablative, meaning it does not cause damage to the surface of the skin. Therefore there is no “down time” as with many other types of treatment. Treatments are short (usually only 20 minutes), and relaxing while other methods are usually uncomfortable and even painful.

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Dermal Planning (1hr) from $135 to $150

  • Alpha-Beta Peel – This peel has a high level of concentrated lactic acid, natural fruit acids(AHA), salicylic acid(BHA) and niacinamide to rejuvenate the skin, reduces fine lines and uneven pigmentation, improves skin smoothness, clarity and radiance and activates skin cell regeneration, for a brighter smoother and even toned complexion.
  • Bio White Peptide Peel – This peel is a unique Bio-mimetic peptide allowing optimal whitening and lightening effect on the skin; it is enhanced with concentrated levels of Vitamin C and Natural fruit acids to stimulate cell turnover, protect collagen and is anti aging with anti-oxidant and inflammatory benefits.
  • Oxygenating Enzyme Peel – Oxygenating Enzyme Peel is perfectly formulated with concentrated levels of natural fruit acids, papaya, pumpkin and pomegranate enzymes and infused with intense moisturizing peptides to make this peel perfect for all skin types! The peel significantly accelerates the skins cellular renewal, reduces wrinkle volume and depth directly after application.
  • Catalyst Retinol Peel – Catalyst Retinol Peel is the skins ant-aging protection. With concentrated levels of pure retinol, encapsulated retinol and natural fruit acids that work together to counteract skin aging, improve the appearance of UV-damaged skin, improve the skins cellular renewal process, decrease depth of lines and wrinkles and provide potent ant-inflammatory activity in the treatment of acne.

Alginate Peel Off Masks
O Pro dermal peels are indulgently completed using an Alginate based Peel-Off Masks infused with unique skin corrective peptides and anti-inflammatory activities. Alginate masks are highly versatile ingredients as they are both cold-soluble and cold-setting and in the gel form are also heat stable. These concentrated actives are delivered into the skin immediately after an O Pro dermal peel to instantly cool and refresh, soothe and comfort, tighten enlarged pores and improve blood circulation to improve the skins health complexion and radiance. 45mins

Express Facial (30min) $55
A pick-me-up facial, great for those who have got a busy schedule. Includes double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, hydrating mask finishing with Mineral Pro sun protection.

Red Carpet Facial (1hr) $110
This truly indulgent experience is a cosmeceutical facial guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and pampered all the while achieving great results for your skin. Warning it’s addictive.

Collagen Induction Therapy (1.5hr) $350

facialresults-300x259The ultimate Medical Grade treatment that will permanently minimise wrinkles, treat pigmentation, acne and scarring. The objective of collagen induction therapy (CIT) is to build up the connective tissue in the lower skin layers (dermal layers) while keeping intact the protective layers of the skin (epidermal layers).  Small needle clusters of either a dermaroller or a hand held device penetrate into the skin and break up old collagen strands and stimulate the production of elastin fibers oriented from the deep layers of the dermis to the surface. The result is smoother, thicker, tighter, more even toned skin  The problem with lasers and aggressive chemical peels is that the dermis is an extremely complex, highly specialized organ.  It may only be 0.2 mm thick but it is our only protection from the environment.  We should never damage the epidermis unless the risk of leaving the epidermis intact is greater than the risk of removing it.  Whatever we do, we should try to ensure that the basic architecture of the skin is not altered.  To rejuvenate skin and look young, we need a perfect epidermis with natural dermal papillae, good hydration, normal color and normal resilience.  When we have aggressive laser treatments and chemicals peels, over time we thin our epidermis and decrease our dermal papillae which results in inflamed, drier and more wrinkled skin.

CIT is the only skin rejuvenation treatment to target and regulate 3 key skin cells (keratinocyte, melanocyte and fibroblast) without compromising the integrity of the epidermis.


A non-invasive, gentle process leaving the skin firm, smoother and brighter through the use of crystals accelerated onto the face.

Med Contour

A revolutionary approach to non-surgical fat removal giving long lasting results in minimal time.


We offer a large range of massages including Hot Stone, Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy Massages.